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To: the people @ http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/artists/olafur-eliasson/series-sculpture-and-installation_2

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<author="paolo küng, from the italian part of switzerland here -">

i surely take my time to write and edit that message, but

    if( you want a short version ){

        i found that natural 5-folding grid and awed,
        i want to dedicate more time to explore it all
        in these say next 10 years
        you, interested? all arts included and no fees whatever,
        it's all royalty-free since pythagora epoch in its core,
        sort of human heirloom -


let it bloom</author>

a couple of weeks ago my emma-nephew turned 5,
i took a 'vacation' and printed her an A0 printed-laminated copy
of my 5th nephews emma birthsdays pink labyrinth gift (attached... right here - big) for her
fianlmente 5!
i recently could afford an océ5200 for 200.-,
that came whith 3x 4colors ink cartridges,

and it works! more interesting than ever, with 5 - beauty,
at a very affordable price indeed - joy -


but, now that i'm taking my time in producing a web-based CMS,
i simply lack the time to afford MORE experimentations with *my* 'pentature'
( ~= "squarings but with 5 instead of 4 - penta-grids")

...for some more time i will ask, this time,
after that CMS-version is rolling in production
 i simply want a good turn in that other 5th direction,
i want dodecahedra all around my eyes, in lots and monthly amounts,
and once for sure i want to have build that *perfect* dodecahedral mirrored-covered room
i want to see it for me, experiencing it from inside old-school-4D reality itself,
and now i see that i can have a preview of it:
in finding, travelling to and entering your MultipleGrotto snubbed stellated! polyhedra room...
but can we ever get rid of these opaque edges...? ...stellated!

so, first i want to build a robust, mathematical, web-oriented, good way zTo master that geometry from scratch,
to can explore all its virtuallymetrybeauty a couple of decisional clicks away,
and sometime soon can offer some "magic button" on a website presenting that same pink labyrinth at start,
a button labeled "Get another, different one, with your choosed texts, patterns, decorations..."
(and if it comes for my nephew's 6th one, that would be... a well spent year of efforts),


...seeing your work, edging mine...
- that calls for an interaction, maybe a collaboration?
my offer somehow stands metaphorically
somewhere between these pink lines,
say at its (pentagonal) core:
would someone of you tell me how much time it took to get there,
and from wich entrance, kinda password,
and how it felt? 


almost 3 years ago i met a
mr. gerard caris in maastricht, -
this man in his 40s started with
art & penta & dodecahedra,
40 years and more ago,
exploring that 5th field,
big 3D things
as if raining,
he was...
as he put it;
arts, -his-,
sold less during
that meagre times...

he had backup-plans ongoing,
some achademical proposals
in a land
over the mediterrean,
one of the many troubled,
so he was waiting,
a little troubled he too -


The world owes a great debt to those Persian and Islamic scholars of the 9th  to 12th  C for preserving, translating and transmitting to posterity the classics of ancient Greek mathematics and philosophy. Somewhat similar, but on a more modest scale, the world might owe an important debt to Gerard Caris for his systematic explorations of the multitudinous facets of “Pentagonism” and their graphic and sculpturally elegant transmission to our contemporary contemplation and consciousness.

Nader Ardalan

Harvard Design School

Vernal Equinox, 2012
something sometimes do happen -
"it" takes his (its?) times too :-)


ah, per il labirinto:
c'è un solo umino e un solo pentagonino vuoto,
ma ventotto pentagoni un poco più grandi,
e quante stelle pulite,
quante con la griglia, e quanto grandi...?

"...quante sono le stelle, emma?"

"più di mille"

pikappa pentagoni e dodecaedri - un mondo nuovo e... meraviglia
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